Pink Castle Clouds and Flowers for Girl's Birthday Party Backdrop
Pink Castle Clouds and Flowers for Girl's Birthday Party Backdrop

Pink Castle Clouds and Flowers for Girl's Birthday Party Backdrop

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Any customization is accepted, and free.
Q:How to Customize Personal Backdrop?
A:1. Choose the size and material you need.
2. Tell us what you need to add or modify, such as name, color, etc.
3. Please send your reference image to our email.
4. Then go to pay for your order.
5. Once we receive your order, we will design it for you within 48 hours ,
and send the proof to you by email.
Our E-mail:
1. Lightweight, easy to carry.
2. No reflection and glare.
3. Seamless with no stitching.
4. High resolution and high definition.
5. Easy to hang with pocket or gromments.
6. Foldable, washable, ironing
1. Wrinkle-free, seamless, foldable storage.
2. High-definition printing, realistic patterns and bright colors.
3. Heavier than Polyester, opaque, no glare.
4. Computer printing is directly pressed into the fabric itself, no fading and reusable.
5. Foldable, washable, ironing
Similarities and differences :
All are foldable, washable and ironable, the difference is that Polyester is thinner and Ployester is thicker.
Kindly advice:
If you are only going to use it once, it is recommended that you purchase a Polyester backdrop.
If you want to reuse it, choose a Ployester one.
How to store and clean?
Our backdrops are perfect and easy to store.
Please avoid a humid environment, because it will make the backdrop absorb wrinkle,
mildew, which will completely destroy the surface of the backdrop. Keep out of direct sunlight as this will cause the backdrop to fade.
Store indoors in a dry area.
For Cotton and Polyester, they are all foldable, washable and ironable. So you don't have to worry about getting them dirty.
You can wash and line dry on a gentle cycle or tumble dry on low heat. But never use cleaning bleach, it may damage them.
How to hang?
Our backdrops are all one-piece and seamless. For easy hanging, you can choose to add a pocket on the top or add 3 top gromments.
If you don't need these, you can also use tape or glue to stick the backdrop to the wall.

How to deal with creases?
Due to packaging and shipping methods, the backdrop will be sent folded which will cause creases.
Using an iron on low heat, lightly iron from the back, pressing the back.
Spray evenly on the folds with cold water spray or use a roller to roll up tightly and wait for 3-4 days.

Shipping Information Of Redbird Party ship to worldwide! Orders are being processed from Monday through Saturday. Sunday's orders would be processed in next Monday. We would get you notified if there is any issue occuring in your order. Please keep an eye on your Email.

Shipping fee charge $9.9 for one order below $59. 

Free shipping for over $59.


Delivery time includes production time and shipping time! Custom orders also include Proof Confirm Time!

Proof Confirm Time:If you customize backdrops, we will send you a proof to confirm by email. You need to confirm the proof as soon as possible, we usually send you a proof within 2 days

Production Time:

Usually, our promise is to ship orders within 1-2 working days, however, for a personalised order, dispatch may take up to 3-5 days.

Transport Time(unless otherwise noted, all orders ship via DHL, CNE or UPS)

Standard shipping is 12-18 business days ; Expedited Shipping is 4~7 business days.

Please choose the right express delivery according to your needs.

If you want to know more logistics information, please contact us by email, we will reply you within 24 hours!